Frequently Asked Questions

For Businesses

Q: What's the Catch?
It really is free. We're hoping that you will upgrade to one of our premium services.
Q: What if they print more than one coupon?
Include the appropriate terms on your coupon; for example, "one coupon per person."
Q: How will they find my coupon?
Others will discover Save Next Door through our online advertising and offline local marketing. Since we advertise on related sites, it's easy to find us online! When your business creates a great coupon, it shows up in the top results in its category for your area.
Q: Why does my business have to be verified?
Business verification is a quality control measure that prevents others from issuing coupons under the name of your business. It protects businesses and consumers.
Q: I created a coupon; why can't I find it in the search results?
Has your business been verified yet? And, are you browsing the right category in your zip code? If yes, and your coupon is still not appearing, please contact us.
Q: How do I get more customers?
Make a better coupon! The more popular your coupon, the more exposure we give it. Popular coupons are visible to more consumers in a wider area.

For Consumers

Q: How many coupons can I print?
Check the coupon details; some coupons are limited to one per person.
Q: I want coupons for businesses near ME!
We're still growing! Please contact us if it is important that coupons reach your area sooner. You could even help: suggest to your favorite local businesses that they join us, and tell them it's really free!